Sunday, October 30, 2011

Key West to Anchorage Bike Ride 2007

Key West to Anchorage Bike Ride 2007

These riders traveled a similar route in 2007 for a "Live Strong" fund raiser.

I have not been able to contact them yet for their maps.  I will keep trying.  Do you know who these bikers are?

Check out my route!

It doesn't look that long on a map!

Riding Across America 1975 Style

This video is 14 minutes long.  This trip was sponsored by JCPenney to promote a state of the art disc rear brake. I am showing this blog to establish that the ride I propose is not novel.  Riding across America has been done by all ages from all corners of the country.  I love the fact that a trip like this will allow time to be up close and personal with the people and the environment of every mile I travel.

George Makrino's Blog: Great Resource

I have been reading through Makrino's blog on riding across America.  Although his route is west to east and mine is basically northwest to southeast, the planning is basically the same.

I like how he broke down each leg of his trip.  I have copied his chart here below.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maps and links to bike tour related websites will be posted in this segment of my blog! I will also be including the maps I use and hopefully have an interface on here that allows you to track me when the time comes.